About Us

Our Story

Back in 1972, Michael Benfield and a group of friends formed the People Party, the first green political party in Europe. It soon became the Ecology Party and is now the Green Party. Michael (now Professor Benfield) was also heavily in involved in the construction industry and constantly looking for ways to solve housing issues in a sustainable fashion. After gaining his PhD in European Planning from Newcastle University, he went on to take over Advanced Timber Technologies (ATT) which became Benfield ATT.

In 2019 Michael’s younger son Carl became involved with the business after two careers, the first with the Royal Engineers, being involved in construction projects around the world, and secondly in renewable energy. Carl also joined the Green Party, becoming a district councillor in 2018. Carl took over the Company in 2021, rebranding as Benfield Timber Buildings.

Our Vision

Seeking to be a part of the solution to both the UK housing crisis and the global climate crisis, it was clear that timber was the most versatile and plentiful product (when sustainably sourced) that addressed these issues, as well as having a significantly lower embedded carbon content of other materials.

In late 2020 we made the bold decision that we would aim to become the first carbon-negative timber frame manufacturer in the UK, embracing the circular economy to plan for material re-use at end of life and avoid anything going to landfill.

In January 2021 we developed our vivid vision to describe our company in 2024.

Our Culture

Lots of companies list their values. We had a go, but to be honest, we came up with a list that looked much like everything else you see – integrity, ethics, standards, blah blah blah. Although obviously important, we thought these were what everyone expected anyway. So we collectively came up with something that defined our culture. We’d love to know what you think:

We will manufacture high quality, good value, sustainable timber buildings that our clients are delighted by for decades to come. Those clients will know us as trusted friends and we will have mutual respect.

We will have a successful working environment in which everyone is cared for and developed to their full potential, and where relationship has real meaning. Where it is a privilege to be part of a mutually accountable team and where excellent work has both verbal and financial recognition. Where responsibilities are clearly communicated and where systems are continually refined to ensure excellence.

We will shout about what we do for our clients, our society, and our planet and the only people banging on our door are those that want to join us.

Benfield Timber Buildings Team