Becoming Better Ancestors


Inspired by Roman Kznaric’s book “The Good Ancestor”, we recognised that considering our own lineage was a great way to engage all of our team in addressing climate change.

Roman looks at cultures around the world and identifies the drivers that cause people to work on projects they will never see the end of - he calls this “cathedral thinking” after the many such buildings that have taken hundreds of years to construct.

Addressing Climate Change

With climate change being our society’s most imminent threat, we want every business decision to help us move towards becoming carbon negative. When thinking about our children, seven generations down the line, this becomes an interesting and energising challenge to undertake.

"Becoming Better"

All that said, we recognise that we are no paragons of virtue, and that many of our existing practices could be so much better. But rather than just give up because it’s all too difficult, we recognise we are on a journey. Provided each day we can say we are better than the last, we’ll all be moving in the same direction.

Our Better Ancestors

Determined leader. Thespian. Optimist.

Focused on enabling his team to deliver of its best.
Beliefs greener than a large bowl of spinach.
If anyone could make the Welsh dragon net zero carbon, it would be Carl.

carl benfield

Managing Director

Guardian of finance. Warrior princess. Tiger Mom.
User-upper and recycler with a carbon footprint so light she could walk on rice paper without leaving a trace.
Voted world's best wife by our MD, twenty-eight years running.
When we want to know our EBITDA from our elbow, Rebecca is our first port of call.

rebecca benfield

Company Secretary

If you’ve talked to us, you’ve talked to Jane.

A woman with “friendly” hardwired in her brain. Connecting people with service, and ensuring their smiles, She provides satisfaction.

Jane Miles

Customer Care

Rated to find truth in numbers and never to be deceived.

Holds more power through Xero than any Marvel Hero.

But knows with great power comes great responsibility -
to our clients, to our team, and to the future.

cassie benjamin


Engineer. CAD Driver. Husband. Dad.

Challenger to architectural assumptions and resolver of clashes.

A man so focussed, it's rumoured he has laser vision.
Designing the future, one house at a time.

Sebastian Orzelski

Senior Designer

IT whizz, attic artist, Dad.

Walk-to-work, planet-saving, pollution-cutting hero.

Web statistician, market analyst and all-round part of the furniture.
The day David retires, the internet will turn to ashes.

David Benjamin

Web & IT Manager

Rob, Rob the pendulum bob.

Wisdom that brings benefit to any kind of job

Steady as a drum beat, and straighter than a die He’ll tell you if he disagrees, and look you in the eye

rob mayo


Husband, grandfather, ancestor
Local boy, local hero.

Sam loves wood so much he works with it in his spare time, crafting beautiful pieces on his lathe.

Standby for more on this in the future – we have plans!

sam miles


Faster than a speeding bullet

More mellow than a margherita

Ryan is a paradox, an enigma

When we’ve worked out how he does it, We’ll bottle it and manufacture that instead

ryan coles


Wielder of the blade of power
Creating the homes of tomorrow.

Matt glides on a cushion of contentment, knowing his path is clear and his purpose is strong.

A joy to watch and work with and a lifter of spirits when the going gets tough.

matt woodman



Senior Designer

Craig watkins

Purchasing Manager

What does becoming a better ancestor mean?