Becoming Better Ancestors


Inspired by Roman Kznaric’s book “The Good Ancestor”, we recognised that considering our own lineage was a great way to engage all of our team in addressing climate change.

Roman looks at cultures around the world and identifies the drivers that cause people to work on projects they will never see the end of - he calls this “cathedral thinking” after the many such buildings that have taken hundreds of years to construct.

Addressing Climate Change

With climate change being our society’s most imminent threat, we want every business decision to help us move towards becoming carbon negative. When thinking about our children, seven generations down the line, this becomes an interesting and energising challenge to undertake.

"Becoming Better"

All that said, we recognise that we are no paragons of virtue, and that many of our existing practices could be so much better. But rather than just give up because it’s all too difficult, we recognise we are on a journey. Provided each day we can say we are better than the last, we’ll all be moving in the same direction.

Our Better Ancestors

Carl Benfield - Better Ancestor

carl benfield

Managing Director

rebecca benfield

Company Secretary

Jane Miles - Better Ancestor

Jane Miles

Customer Care

Cassie Benjamin - Better Ancester

cassie benjamin


Sebastian Orzelski

Senior Designer

Farhaan Butt - Better Ancestor

Farhaan Butt

Project Coordinator

David Benjamin - Better Ancestor

David Benjamin

Web & IT Manager

sam miles


ryan coles


Rob Mayo - Better Ancestor

rob mayo


Matt Woodman - Better Ancestor

matt woodman


paul holloway

Production Manager

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What does becoming a Better Ancestor mean?