Resolutions for a new era

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If, like me, you're very wary of New Year's Resolutions, then you'll understand the trepidation I have in writing this post, conscious of the commitment it entails.

As we move (hopefully) into a post-Covid world, we in the UK still face the twin crises of climate change and a massive shortfall in housing provision. These create a tension that is difficult to resolve with "traditional" construction methods.

I've been fortunate to recently acquire a timber building manufacturing company, and have been determined to be address these issues head-on in all of our decision making.

Most of us agree that whilst lock-down has been tough for many, it's also taught us to think differently and look afresh at our influence.

Having read the book Vivid Vision by Cameron Herold of COO Alliance, and been inspired by my friends Serena Humphrey at the FWord Academy, Darren Toms at Clumber Consultancy Limited, and my superb coach Paul Crick at The Elevate Partnership, I've written my own Vivid Vision for the company. It's already been shared with our team who really get where we are heading, and now (gulp!) I'd like to share it with you.

Please do take a few minutes to read through. I would genuinely love to hear your comments, both positive and negative.

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