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Monty is our MD's rescue dog from Romania via Pawrints2Freedom . He's a complete heart-melter - oodles of fun, as soft a brush, and utterly loyal.

On #nationalmuttday he's a great reminder of the values within our Vivid Vision. Our bold target for 2024 is to ensure that nothing we produce goes to the scrap heap. This means reducing our waste to zero and designing end-of-life options for our buildings.

It requires thought and effort, but we're already finding that thinking this way helps us reduce costs and identify better supply chains. It also creates better communication within the company as our discussions become more animated about the choice of materials and transport. Like Monty, all of our buildings (Post & Beam, Timber Frame) will soon have their own "passport", detailing their provenance and how they should be handled.

Oh, and they're are also gorgeous.

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